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Cordless Portable Electric Neck Cervical Pulse Massager Relaxation Hot Compress Heads Muscle Pain Relief Health Care

Cordless Portable Electric Neck Cervical Pulse Massager Relaxation Hot Compress Heads Muscle Pain Relief Health Care

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Brand Name: GYLOV

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Material: ABS & TPR

Application: NECK

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Feature 1: Neck Massanger

Feature 2: Pulse Massager

Feature 3: Health Care

Feature 4: Muscle Pain Relief

Feature 5: EMS Massanger

Product Information

This neckology intelligent neck massager has 4 metal pads instead of 2 or 3, so that you can enjoy massage in more areas. Most important of all is taht you can spend the less money to enjoy a more comprehensive massage.

Safer Technology : FreshLife Neck Massager is different from traditional neck massagers combined with modern electronic technology and uses low frequency electric pulse therapy to simulate real human massage for the best massage, 107.6ºF constant temperature fomentation, that can help relieves your aches, knots and muscle tension, promote blood circulation, improve sleep quality.

Cordless and Portable:Say goodbye to the bulky neck massager, the weighs only 190g and has a large-capacity battery. It is compatible with USB charging for 3hours, and can be used for 15 minutes per day, which can work last 20 days,The neck massager is equipped with a 15-minute auto-off function to ensure you a safe massage experience.

Enjoy Massage Whenever And Whatever :Fashion and Smart appearance, Shopping and working are not awkward! The built-in large-capacity charging power allows you to enjoy a comfortable experience for a long time.Charger bank and mobile phone charger can charge this neck massager, it’s convenient to charge in home and company. Great for use in office, trip, hotel and any place you can imagine.


Please do not use this device with other medical machine together, Such as pacemaker,heart lung machine and Medical electronic device, electrocardiograph etc. If patient is using both high frequency surgical equipment and this device,it may hurt skin or damage this device. If using device near the short-wave, microwave treatment equipment (1 meter), EMS function may not be stable.

If people who are Pregnant, sensitive skin, heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, malignant tumors, cerebrovascular patients, acute disease, or being treated, please consult your doctor before using this device.

Do not use in bath or sleep.

Do not use for children.

Do not use in patients who are skin sensory impairment or for heat insensitive.

Please turn off the device before adjust position or remove device to other place.

Please adjust pulse intensity which is able to accept the comfort and appropriate intensity.

Please do not disassemble this device,avoiding collision and water.

Do not wash this device with water.

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